My main research lies in the field of the evolution and variability of software applications. More concretely, I am interested in:

  • Product lines: a family of products which vary on certain aspects.
  • Feature-oriented programming: a programming paradigm which targets software variability.
  • Feature diagrams: a representation which is often used to represent the variability of a software family.
  • Change-oriented programming: a programming paradigm which centralises change as the main development entity.

Another research domain which interests me a lot is the dynamic evolution of software appplications, and more specifically critical applications -- because dynamic evolution is indispensable for those kind of applications, as they cannot be stopped. With respect to this domain, I am interested in:

  • Bad smell detecion: identification of bad software designs
  • Refactorings: transformations for removing bad designs without changing the application behaviour
  • State Consistency: making sure that the application does not get in a corrupt state
  • Aspect mining : identification of crosscutting functionality in existing software
  • Aspect Refactoring: transformation of the identified crosscutting concerns into aspects
If you are interested in my research results, please take a look at my publications, at the links listed below or just contact me.

Interesting Links

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Peter Ebraert: September 2010